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Video Scrapbook

Infinity GraphX specializes in creating fun interactive Video Scrapbooks. Do you have boxes of pictures or stacks of photo albums? Instead of dragging them all out to share with friends and family, why not watch them on a custom made DVD slideshow set to your favorite music!

What is a Video Scrapbook? We take your favorite photos and/or digital movie footage and combine them all together into a fun Video Scrapbook set to music. Unlike most plain slideshows, we turn your photos into a real DVD movie complete with a custom menu for easy navigation, title/caption screens and your favorite songs! We create movement by panning and zooming into each photo and adding custom transitions between photo segments.

Video Scrapbooks are the ideal way to view and share your photos! Use them for:

Rehearsal Dinners - Create a Video Montage of the Bride and Groom as kids, with friends and family, and as a couple to share at your Rehearsal Dinner.
Weddings - Most videographers offer video footage of your wedding day and reception. At Infinity GraphX we offer a unique product, in that we can create a Video Scrapbook that combines all your favorite photos from engagement parties, bridal showers, bridal portraits, the rehearsal dinner, Wedding Ceremony and Reception into one movie. Imagine having all your memorable wedding moments in one DVD. Plus, Video Scrapbooks make a great thank you gift for your family and wedding party or an ideal anniversary present!
Honeymoons - Remember your first week as Husband and Wife by capturing your favorite Honeymoon photos on DVD!
Family Vacations - Relive your vacation by watching it "movie style" on your TV instead of flipping through all those photographs!
Baby Photos - Instead of printing and emailing endless photos, keep grandparents up to date with a Video Scrapbook of your baby's big milestones! Or create a Baby's 1st Year montage to send to all your family and friends that live far away.
Parties - Great for parties and events. Do you throw an annual Christmas party or family reunion? Combine the best photos from each year into one fun Video Scrapbook. Your guests will love to see how everyone has changed over the years and relive all your greatest party moments.
Preserve Photographs - Use our scanning service to scan old photos and preserve them forever on a DVD or CD
And More! - The possibilities are endless. Whatever the project, let us create a memorable Video Scrapbook for you!